Shotcaps: The World's First & Finest Shot Glass Bottle Caps

A Short & Sweet Shotcaps Overview...

Shotcaps combine traditional shot glasses and bottle caps into a single, unique product that allows you to cap your favorite liquor bottles! Stop wasting precious party time searching around your cluttered kitchen for that shot-glass-gone-rogue since now you'll have a fully functional shot glass attached to the top of your bottle.
The product was conceived, designed and developed by 25 year old, serial-entrepreneur Nathan 'Ello' Reimnitz of Minneapolis, MN. Nate has a proven track record of success as an entrepreneur, he has built & sold two web based businesses including a real estate syndication service in 2012 and a reggae music streaming site in 2013.

Above: Shotcaps Founder, Nathan 'Ello' Reimnitz with one of his first prototypes, more colors coming soon...

Product Features...

  • Let's face it, once in a while we all have a little too much fun at a party and glasses get dropped. Fortunately for you, ours are made of acrylic (not glass) so if you drop them they won't shatter.
  • Our caps are manufactured using a non-flavor-transfer plastic material which means when you pour your favorite drink in, it tastes like your favorite drink coming out (rather than tasting like plastic, yuck).
  • Unlike THIS VIDEO our shot-glasses are fully functional.

Getting Started: Crowd-Funding Our First Order...

We launched an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign back in August with a goal of raising $10,000 to help manufacture our 1.5oz shot glasses. Our fundraiser ended up raising just over $8,200 which we applied towards producing thousands of shot glasses.
Our sales team will be providing some of these shot glasses to liquor stores throughout the US as we continue receiving purchase orders for our glasses. Once we've secured over $100,000 in purchase orders our investors are willing to step up and help us fully fund our shot glass dreams.
We look forward to the success of our first product as we have many more ideas we'd love to share with you!
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